It’s a funny thing…

When you start a website, or a blog, or all of that social medial kind of stuff… you have the grandest of intentions. At least I know I did… for the sake of business and being somehow connected to other people, this is all a necessary part of the way things evolve.

So here’s the deal … I love to write… especially journal, and occasionally write poetry. It’s all soul driven explorations to help me dump the “stuff” from my heart and soul, and to create space for more. There can be a cleansing, cathartic kind of thing that happens through the process for me. Much like my meditation practice helps to ground me more and more these days, writing has that effect at times for me too.

It’s a funny thing though, that whenever I write, it has to be a papery thing. I love the feel of a pen or pencil in my hand. I love the feel of pages to hold and turn and yes, even theĀ smell of stationary, seems to pull me in. I find it endearing that in this day and age where everything is “online”, I still struggle with publishing my words in a blog.

So, as I dust off this writing portion of “Kim’s Home Yoga” & introduce “Soul Crafted Malas”… I am hoping to use this space to stumble through those parts of me and perhaps share some inspirations along the way.

Breathing deep, welcoming Spring 2018 and celebrating another turn around the sun.

Deep gratitude to all those that continue to join me on this path of life… through Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness, Malas and plain ol’ growing pains of self discovery. <3


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