Discover the roots of Kim's Home Yoga

The history behind the teacher, the studio & the growing community

Meet Kim

Hey there! I'm Kim Bolton ... owner & creative force behind Kim's Home Yoga & Soul Crafted Malas.

The village of Richmond, Ontario (Canada) is where I call home. Small town, country feel ~ close enough to all the city things when you need them. It's where my husband (and epic soul mate!) of 26 years have lived for over 17 years. We're in he midst of raising 3 incredible young men & journeying through the many facets of life together. The vows "For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health" have certainly been tested on all sides of the relationship. Marriage & child rearing is not all sunshine & rainbows, but it has it's precious moments indeed!

I found my way into Yoga over 18 yrs ago as a curious student; and my relationship to energy work, I feel I was born with the innate quality to help myself and others through my thoughts & hands (Intentions, Meditation, Reiki).

Like many, Yoga started out as an on again, off again, love affair. Through many trials and tribulations, there was a realization in my early 30’s , as that young mum to 3 boys, caregiver to many others children; that in order to look after my family & others healthfully, I needed to start looking after myself too. More importantly, I needed to learn to love myself all over again.

From that place of realization... needing to look after myself, to reconnect with the girl lost in the waves of a young family; the seeds that were planted in my early 20's began to take root & grow. 

I started out with Yoga for Children/ Families (something for me & for them, including my home daycare at the time)... from there, the spark grew, and flickered and flamed Yin, then Hatha, then more Yin, Restorative, multiple advanced studies ... and the journey of learning and sharing continues to this day. 

All of my offerings come from a place of intuition, deep love & immense appreciation for my own path, the numerous teachers & students who have helped me along the way.

I honestly believe it is important to never stop learning, from ourselves or others. This is why I teach & continue to study to this day.

My hope; to inspire & continue to be inspired by those that end up on my path at any given moment .. from the humble, sometimes downtrodden moments, to those days where moments take our breath away … & all the beautiful spaces in between. It is all worth experiencing!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”  (anonymous)

May we share space & energy together soon!

Namaste ~

Kim xoxo

The Studio

Nestled in the basement of my home in Richmond, Ontario is a sweet little energy oasis that came into being on November 15, 2014. And outside the main house structure you find a deck that has bared witness to many beautiful outdoor Yoga sessions & events when the weather is agreeable. 

Always the dream to offer Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and much more to the community ~ dream became reality after much hard work and dedication from my husband and 3 sons, as we all worked together to transform what was once a daycare rompus room into a peaceful & welcoming space. 

After spending several years as a Yoga studio manager and senior teacher in the city, my gut told me it was time to put my heart and soul into something of my own; to take what I was learning and put it in to practice for myself and share it with our community. From that gut instinct was born Kim's Home Yoga. 

Although Covid-19 had forced the temporary closure of the studio, I am excited to be bringing to you many precious practices through Zoom. You can still see both the indoor and outdoor spaces through these online classes; and they will be waiting for you until it is time for us to practice together again in-person. 

What the community has to say about Kim's Home Yoga

"I’ve been coming to Kim’s Home Yoga for two years. Kim is an amazing instructor. I really appreciate that Kim designs each class to be different.  Kim encourages you to move at your own pace, while being nurturing and supportive. I find Kim to be down to earth, knowledgeable, loving and kind. Whether you want to learn to meditate, receive Rieki, or engage in a beautiful yoga class, Kim is definitely the one!"

~ Dee McIntosh

“I’ve been going to Kim’s Home Yoga studio for years now.  I keep coming back ... because it is ... inviting & Kim makes it fun!  She always asks if there is an area we’d like to work on, & incorporates that into the practice.  I have learned so much from her about listening to my body.  I really LOVE the outdoor yoga in the Summer with the birds chirping & seeing the clouds in the sky!  I ... definitely recommend Kim's Home Yoga to others!” 

~ Janice 


I always look forward to practicing yoga with Kim. Sharing time with Kim & other community members nourishing my body, mind & soul is amazing! Being a part of her warm, welcoming yoga community is a highlight of my week!

Kim genuinely cares about the people she leads in practice & it comes through in every session! She also partners with people in other health & Yoga related fields to offer relevant & interesting workshops.

I consider practicing yoga with Kim an essential part of my health and well-being! 

~ Cynthia


Certifications & Qualifications

2020 ~ Sound/Work Immersion - Sound Practitioner training (15 hrs)  ~ Megan Marie Gates

2019 ~ Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) (20 hrs)  ~ Nicki Mosely

2017 ~ Advanced Yin Yoga (20 hrs) ~ Joe Barnett

2016 ~ Chakra Yoga (24 hrs) ~ Anodea Judith

2016 ~ Reiki Master (1 yr study & practice) ~ Inspired Living/ Sylvie Gouin

2015 ~ Advanced Yoga Studies (300 hrs) ~ Empower ME Yoga

2013 ~ Insight Yoga (12 hrs) ~ Sarah Powers

2011 ~ Restorative Yoga (15 hrs) ~ Anne Pitman

2011 ~ Yin Yoga II (40 hrs) ~ Empower ME Yoga / Marla Ericksen

2011 ~ Hatha Yoga Foundations Certification (200 hrs) ~ Empower ME Yoga / Marla Ericksen

2010 ~ Yin Yoga I (40 hrs) ~ Marla Ericksen

2009 ~ Radiant Child Yoga Program (20 hrs) ~ Tania Fréchette

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

2011 - 2016: primary teaching assistant at Empower ME Yoga (heavily focused on Yin Yoga)